Bad Artwork


We’re going to go over my bad artwork tonight!

I’m in an odd mood right now. Definitely a mood that would be viewed as pretty normal by regular people standards I would say. For me though, it’s out of the ordinary. I’ve been socializing and mingling on the Twitters tonight, with lots of people, about all kinds of things. Some things I’m putting out there are getting responses, and some aren’t. Pretty sure that’s how one Twitters properly.

So, I blurted out that I was going to possibly share some of my bad artwork, unfinished garbage, and other creative junk that I have saved on my hard drive. When you look at everything I have saved up together, there’s probably more than 500 individual pieces of artwork. Of course, a pretty large amount of that stuff is really old, unfinished, or just didn’t turn out as I had intended. It all gets saved away. Pushed into a folder within a folder within a folder. With that bad artwork never to be seen again.

Just for the hell of it – because I’m in a mood – I’m going to share as many pieces of bad artwork as I can;

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