Our Universe Is A Crazy Place


I often wonder what’s really going on around here. You know? Like, is the universe a big ‘ol pointless mouse maze (Potentially with cheese… somewhere?) for us sentient beings to fumble around in, all the while there’s billions of relatively distant black-holes, pulsars, and supernovae obliterating everything for trillions of miles in every direction.

As Humans, we’re just over here mostly stranded on a tiny piece of rock in a vast ocean of stars and darkness.

We’re doing stuff and things though…

Everyone has the same questions as I do, right? “Why is any of this happening?”

I know I’m a little crazy. You have to be at least a little crazy to decide to be a full-time artist anyways, I think. However, answering that super old cliche question, “What’s the meaning of life?” is the only question that absolutely everybody that lives here on Earth has an equal opportunity to answer, and so I can’t be the only one that thinks about it daily, right? I don’t like… spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about it, mind you. It’s not a question that seems to have a discernible answer anyways. Everyone has their own reasons for getting up in the morning after all.

We’re all a little crazy then. I mean, we actually do get up and go about our days despite not having an actual impact on the universe we live within. It’s like when we were kids; Kids are pretty useless 😉 You had a bed over there to sleep in when it got dark, food was always in the refrigerator thing, and when summer was over you were ushered off to school once again, just like last year. You don’t know where the bed or food actually came from, why you live exactly where you do, or precisely why you had to go to school… everything just “was”. Your parents just put those things there for your convenience and so you didn’t die of starvation and all that jazz.

Then you’re all grow’d up and you start to learn about where you are and your place within the world. You learn how to make your own decisions, to take care of yourself, how money works (I’m still figuring that part out, actually), and where the food comes from.

Perhaps Humanity are still children in a sense. How could we possibly figure out what’s going on here? We have seemingly really good ideas on our primordial history, and how we got to where we are today, but our true origins have always been a complete mystery and I feel they’ll always stay that way. Even if we somehow discovered that the building blocks of Human life originated from a comet a bagillion years ago, where did the comet itself originate from?

It’s not unlike our individual finite lifespans; the history of everything there ever was or will be has bookends too! A beginning and an end. Or does it? Bah. It’s kind of a cosmic joke isn’t it?

Anyways, So here’s my point; I was out walking today to figure out what I was going to do for dinner. I was heading to get some fast food, but I was nearing the grocery store and I figured it was a better idea to try and save what little money I had and instead find something small to eat at the aforementioned grocery store, rather than the fast food. I stopped and stood there while trying to decide what I should do. I was at a crossroads, so to speak. I then recalled that a couple of days ago I saw a five dollar bill fly out of a dude’s pocket. I chased the money down and caught up to the guy and handed it back to him, as one should do. “If I didn’t see where that $5 came from, then I would have had to keep it, I guess.” I literally thought this to myself while I was standing there. Then I looked down at my feet. Something caught my eye… and it was a frickin $20 bill. Right there laying flat on the pavement. I looked around and was completely alone. So I went and got groceries…

Honestly, I don’t even know what to make of it. It’s just $20. Someone lost it and now I have it. It wasn’t a life altering experience or anything like that. It just really got me thinking about all the times this stuff happens around me. Does it happen to everyone else? Am I just perhaps more aware of it? Intention manifestation is something I’ve known about for years. It’s not something I “believe” in though.

However, something I do believe in because I do see it often enough is that; Anything is possible.


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