Yesterday’s Rings: Day 267

Planetscape by Robert Chapman

I was planning to do so much more today, but everything I was working on wasn’t really turning out. It was a lot more like experimenting really. I ended up spending the entire afternoon with my sister and my youngest niece at some kids safety day playroom thing. She had a blast, but was very tuckered out by the time we all got home. My feet are killing me, and I’m about ready to take a nap.

Thankfully, I worked on a few artwork related things beforehand, because I wasn’t really in the mood when I got home. It’s tough enough to find something to type up in this post! I’ll likely get back to it later tonight, but I want to finish this post just in case I do decide to sleep early. Tomorrow is another day, and I’m still holding onto a few ideas that I want to get down on virtual paper.