Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 18/365

Day 18

What. A. Boring. Day.

I took a walk to the grocery store and I was lucky enough to avoid any rain, but it was still wet and disgusting. I was trying to take photos on the way there and back. Everything was muddy, all the snow piles are super dirty, and it was just generally unpleasant walking around out there. I’m also trying way too hard to make every day’s photographs better than the last.

Quantity over quality! I have to keep that in mind. Some days I’ll have really interesting things to shoot, other days I’m taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures. Though, that being said, I’m still attempting to take interesting photos. I mean, something jumped out at me with this pile of old bricks and the plants entwined with this fence. I thought it would make a semi-interesting photograph 🙂