Sky: Day 321

Horizon by Robert Chapman

Only worked on this for about an hour today as time just flew by faster than I anticipated and I have other things to do today. Even so, I was able to paint a nice background sky, a mound for the lovely Horizon protagonist to stand on, and I connected the mech creature’s head to the rest of it’s body. I also removed the black outline from the creature, and I’m shocked at how much better it’s looking this way.

I think removing the outline adds more realism. However, when I’m working on it I’ll still use the outline to make sure I keep everything in proportion to the original game screenshot. So far this is turning out to be one of my favorite projects that I’ve done. If I can get my own creations up to this kind of quality, then I think I’ll be set to work on that web comic I’ve been talking about for the past few months. I don’t want to half-ass anything.

I believe that creating a continuous story with images is going to be pretty difficult. There are going to be characters and objects that will repeat from panel to panel, so I’ll have to attempt drawing those things over and over again until I have it perfected. I’m not really looking forward to that, but it has to be done. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, sometimes you just have to work.

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  • Brad Thornhill

    Everything looks tip top Robert, it’s looking better and better everyday 🙂 you could add the like, subscribe and share automatically at the end but I do like your unique ways of ending your post, whatever you feel is best!

    • That’s what I was going for, tip top! lol Awesome, Brad. Thanks for the suggestion! and I forgot that I kind of already have that at the very bottom of every post! I just have seen it so often I forgot it was there.