Rain Rain Rain: Day 323

Horizon by Robert Chapman

Every single time I post an update for this Photoshop painting, I change the sky in the background. I just can’t get those clouds to look exactly how I want them to. It’s not frustrating as of yet. Nothing like that. I’ll just have to keep messing around with it until I get it right. I also added a lot more rain, but I’m not sure if that was a good move or not. All I know is that the background looks separated from the rest of the image, and that’s no good.

Other than those additions, I went over the entire image and added a few details here and there. Since I removed the black outline a few days ago, it left some rather unfinished looking bits, so I had to clean those up as well.

What else….? Well obviously I added a bunch too. I got started on the tail section and finished one of those panels on the back there, but then decided that I wanted to get his other leg all finished for today. I also edited the other leg a bit so it looks less like it’s turned around the wrong way. Oh, and I remember painting the “beak” a little bit better so it looks better.

I feel like it’s a lazy blog post from me today. I was out at my family’s BBQ get-together for most of the day today, so when I finally arrived home I was pretty tired. Once I got drawing though, I actually made some pretty surprising progress. Sometimes when you’re tired you just ignore everything around you and get intensely focused on whatever you’re doing. Well, that’s how my brain works (sometimes) at least.

That’s it! Good night everyone. I’ll get right back to it tomorrow. If I were to guess, I’d say I’ll finish the tail section of the creature, then the next day get started on the ground beneath it and maybe even finish it by Monday or Tuesday! Thanks for checking this out 😀


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looking awesome Robert hopefully you don’t get too frustrated with the sky stuff 🙂