Blue Marble: Day 356

Marble by Robert Chapman

Here I am, drawing planets again. This time I spent a few hours doing very small individual details with the Photoshop mixer brush tool, and it certainly paid off. I think I need some larger details though. I find that real photos of planets tend to depict the planets in our solar system with huge sweeping storms and terrifying landscapes. Though the planet I drew today is meant to be alien in nature, so it could look like anything really, I still think it needs a huge landmark feature. I think doing an “eye” like our Jupiter’s is a little too obvious. What do you think? Let me know in the comments

That’s it from me today! I short but sweet post. It’s been a lazy day for me and so I haven’t got a whole lot to talk about right now. However, there’s just 9 more days remaining before my Year of Creative Habits is complete! Thanks for checking this out. Thumbs up to you! 😀