Bad Artwork


We’re going to go over my bad artwork tonight!

I’m in an odd mood right now. Definitely a mood that would be viewed as pretty normal by regular people standards I would say. For me though, it’s out of the ordinary. I’ve been socializing and mingling on the Twitters tonight, with lots of people, about all kinds of things. Some things I’m putting out there are getting responses, and some aren’t. Pretty sure that’s how one Twitters properly.

So, I blurted out that I was going to possibly share some of my bad artwork, unfinished garbage, and other creative junk that I have saved on my hard drive. When you look at everything I have saved up together, there’s probably more than 500 individual pieces of artwork. Of course, a pretty large amount of that stuff is really old, unfinished, or just didn’t turn out as I had intended. It all gets saved away. Pushed into a folder within a folder within a folder. With that bad artwork never to be seen again.

Just for the hell of it – because I’m in a mood – I’m going to share as many pieces of bad artwork as I can;

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things

So this show was pretty great, eh? I mean, there are certainly a few bits that I would have liked to have seen improved; namely it’s over-use of computer effects. The show tries really hard to bring on an 80’s sci-fi thriller feel, and yet by the very end of the season they’re trying to use as many digital effects as possible, rather than practical effects. They even make an ironic reference to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Thing, and talk in detail about how it’s effects were accomplished. All practical.

Television has been so good to us for awhile now, and I’m starting to feel pretty spoiled by it. Especially when you consider that I don’t even pay for my own Netflix account anymore. I used to a bunch of years back, but my account got some really strange glitches and even the Netflix support team tried fixing it for a couple weeks. To no avail. They suggested I get another email address and start an entirely new account…

No thanks. I’m good. What a headache that was.

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Let’s Talk About My Web Comic!

Web Comic - Galaxy Video - Page 6 - Preview

It has been almost exactly one full year since I finished my Year of Creative Habits project. I figured it’s about time (and it might be a cool idea) to reactivate this website again as a way to write about.. well.. whatever I want! Of course, I’m going to try my best to keep it all related to the web comic I’m currently working on; Galaxy Video.

So I was thinking this outlet could be a great way to express my thoughts on various topics. It’s likely a better spot for my rambling than my Patreon page anyways. Here I would love to have discussions with people via the comments. I could talk about what music inspires me and what I listen to when I’m drawing, movies that I take inspiration from, other artists I follow and appreciate, etc. And those are just a few examples of things I’m thinking of at this moment.

And the number one reason why I want to start writing on this blog again is because of the web comic I’ve been working on. Currently Patreon doesn’t have a good means for hosting my comic. People need to be able to view it page by page, and easily do so! I originally had a different method to eventually use when I finished my first episode. Then I thought, “Why not use my own website as the go-to spot?” It makes too much sense, eh?

Eventually I’ll have a link somewhere here on my website to view my web comic, episode by episode. I plan to do this as soon as I finish all ten pages of the first issue, and once I feel completely satisfied with all it’s contents. Only then will it go up in full. In the mean time though, you can check on all of my progress and most importantly, you can help support what I’m doing. Check out my Patreon page. I also write posts on there with web comic updates, and every piece of original artwork I do goes up on there. Pretty much all of it is completely free for everyone, but sometimes I like to post specialized progress reports for my $1 and $5 subscribers!

Speaking of which! As I’m writing this post I just received a $5 monthly pledge from my best friend, Megan! I never get to see her because we live so far apart. Her pledge let’s me know that she believes in me, and what I’m doing. Every time I get another supporter it not only motivates me, but also helps keep me accountable. There are people subscribing to me! Unlike a traditional artist who sells their work piece by piece, I can’t just quit any time it suits me. I have to keep pressing forward and making my content because of my fans and supporters.

There are so many reasons for me to keep doing what I’m doing.