Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 3/365

Day 3

Happy Tuesday! Geez, I actually had to double check after I wrote that to make sure it’s actually a Tuesday.

I feel that my photo is kind of boring today, but that’s just what kind of day we’re having over here; dark, foggy, and wet. But I figure if I’m going to be doing this every single day, there’s going to be some not so special days in there for sure. That all being said, I bet this picture is a little more interesting to people that don’t see this view everyday. And even on the darkest days I should be able to find something interesting worth photographing.

Plus, new camera soon!

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things

So this show was pretty great, eh? I mean, there are certainly a few bits that I would have liked to have seen improved; namely it’s over-use of computer effects. The show tries really hard to bring on an 80’s sci-fi thriller feel, and yet by the very end of the season they’re trying to use as many digital effects as possible, rather than practical effects. They even make an ironic reference to one of my favorite movies of all time, The Thing, and talk in detail about how it’s effects were accomplished. All practical.

Television has been so good to us for awhile now, and I’m starting to feel pretty spoiled by it. Especially when you consider that I don’t even pay for my own Netflix account anymore. I used to a bunch of years back, but my account got some really strange glitches and even the Netflix support team tried fixing it for a couple weeks. To no avail. They suggested I get another email address and start an entirely new account…

No thanks. I’m good. What a headache that was.

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