How About a Little Photography

This month marks one full year since I finished my Year of Creative Habits project. I’ve been tossing around an idea for a good long time now; maybe it would be cool to do another year long project. Perhaps I could take a photo every day and not only share it, but write about it as well. Not to mention that I would love to use it in an art project of some sort. I’ve always enjoyed Photography.


Last night I spent some time outside and I took some photos with my garbage camera. Though they are indeed potato quality, some of them turned out pretty cool. I wasn’t expecting them to turn out high quality because they are night shots after all, but some of them just turned out weird! I have to find a way to incorporate some aspects of these into my artwork. There’s certainly enough material here! Some of these shots are pretty interesting. Not sure how I’ll incorporate them exactly… I want to be able to just digitally paint them or something, but I’m really not sure if I’m capable of that. I could certainly try though!

Anyway, the last thing I want to mention is that I’ve always enjoyed photography. I want to buy a proper camera, but I can’t really afford much. I’m surprised digital cameras are still so pricey considering how cell phones have two of the damn things built in these days. I did a little research and there are indeed some cheap cameras with decent mega-pixel quality, like this one. I could use the money I get from my Patreon subscribers to buy one. What do you think? Could be a decent idea. It’ll still take a few more months to save up though.


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