No Man’s Sky

I love this game. No Man’s Sky is the game I’ve always wanted. I’ve been losing sleep right up until the launch on Monday night because I’ve been thinking about the game pretty much non-stop. Then midnight came, the game unlocked on my PS4, and my 9 year old niece (Emily) and I started our adventure. You can check out our experience RIGHT HERE.

I figured this game would be pretty divisive from the beginning. I’m hearing that people are becoming bored of the game pretty early on, and of course the Internet is the perfect place to anonymously complain about how much you hate that a large part of the No Man’s Sky fanbase is having the time of their lives, while you’re not interested.

I’ve only played it for a day, which might equal around 5 or 6 hours gameplay in total. Yet, I’ve been able to take a bunch of screenshots from my first few planets in only a couple different star systems. Look at the diversity! I’m really starting to wonder if us gamers are getting spoiled. If we’re complaining about a game like this – a game made by 10-15 people at any given time during the development – what would it take to keep us happy? I completely agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the game is exactly what it was advertised as being. Play it and move onto something else if it turns out it wasn’t for you.

Now, that being said, there are some bugs. Very minor (I feel) when you consider the size of the game and how insanely difficult it had to have been to do bug tests when you can’t even visit every playable area. Perhaps I’m just more understanding than others though.

First off, sometimes (and this is kind of on me, but still..) when I land my ship in a weird place and it gets a little stuck in the environment, when I take off again my ship shoots off into space. It doesn’t hurt anything really, it’s just kind of jarring. I guess that’s better than losing my ship or getting stuck or something.

Secondly, my game crashed twice in the time that I played. I’m sure as patches come out it’ll get fixed up *crosses fingers*

Lastly, the free ship I got for pre-ordering the game made me have to start over without it. It starts with a hyperdrive and so the game skipped over the part where you have to learn to construct your own. So when I bought a new ship later on, and it didn’t have a hyperdrive, I was stranded in that star system because I didn’t know how to make one.

Overall, I think the game has gone beyond my expectations (I kept them low, actually. I hate being disappointed) and can only get better from here. I’ve heard the creatures and planets get more diverse (and crazy) as you continue towards the center of the galaxy you start in. I cannot wait to see what kind of pictures I can take in the future!



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  • Thornbuddy

    the game sounds amazing robert, i can’t wait to see it next time i come visit 🙂

    • Oh weird. Didn’t get a notification that you commented. What did you think of the game when you visited?