Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 23/365

Day 23

This big blue wall is pretty close to where I live, and it’s covered in pictures like this. I don’t think there’s anyone in town here that knows what they’re really doing when it comes to making graffiti. They’re just maybe kids that want to put their stamp on something. Even if that stamp is a swear word here or there, a middle finger, or an ugly face thing.

The blue on this wall is really nice though. I enhanced it a bit in Photoshop, as I usually tend to do with these pictures, and it just helps the color stand out a lot more.

I’ve used this wall previously for some artwork as well! Check it out.


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  • Robin Ponte

    Where did you find this gem? Maybe new since I’ve lived that way. That blue sure pops. Awesome work!

    • Oh! I don’t think it’s new Hmmm it’s definitely something I don’t pay much attention to (the stuff on the wall there) but maybe it’s relatively new 🙂 Thank you though!