Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 29/365

Day 29

Today I decided to pay more attention to the little details around me. I don’t know what to exactly say about this particular tree stump today, but I thought it was interesting enough to photograph in the moment. So I took a few photos, and upon arriving home and looking them over, I was able to appreciate details in the lines.

This isn’t exactly how I’ve been taking my pictures since I started – you know, up real close like this – but I figure by the time I get to 365 days/photos, I’ll have taken pictures of absolutely everything within at least a 2 block radius of where I live! So, I have to keep trying new things and even share the ones that don’t work, as well as the ones that do.


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  • Robin Ponte

    I’m liking this one! Lots of cool detail to get lost in. This tree feels really old and having the small patches of snow here and there makes me wonder if this tree has seen well over 50 winters. Also, that small section of stump that seems to be sliding under the tree (having a hard time describing it) makes me think it’s trying to get under to get warm lol anyhow great work bob!!

    • That’s funny! Before I began writing this post I was thinking about what to write about (as one does), and I thought of that bit sliding underneath as well! Just didn’t know of a good way to describe it heh Thanks, Robin 😀