Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 7/365

Day 7

I had a little bit of trouble finding a decent shot today. I took pictures of a bunch of different things; some barbed wire fences, a field with the sun barely shining through the clouds for a moment, and a big blue brick wall with the paint peeling off. These were just some of the things that stood out to me on my walk. However, once again it was just so cold I could only stand there for a moment and snap a couple quick pictures of each of these locations before my fingers felt like they were going to fall right off.

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Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 4/365

Day 4

Howdy there. Yesterday was a bit rainy, and today was just downright cold. What a terrible day to be outside, and I don’t think I’ll ever go out again. Yeah, that’s actually a fantastic idea, eh? I’m just going to stay in forever, where it’s safe and warm.

That being said, while I was out doing some window shopping for a new camera I happened across this odd expanse of reeds. Right in the middle of my city. It’s possible that it’s always been there, I just wouldn’t have really noticed it until now. You know, now that I have to find 365 things to photograph, one every day. Now I’m always taking advantage of where I am as the day goes on, and what interesting scenery bits I come across that I can capture in a photo.

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Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 3/365

Day 3

Happy Tuesday! Geez, I actually had to double check after I wrote that to make sure it’s actually a Tuesday.

I feel that my photo is kind of boring today, but that’s just what kind of day we’re having over here; dark, foggy, and wet. But I figure if I’m going to be doing this every single day, there’s going to be some not so special days in there for sure. That all being said, I bet this picture is a little more interesting to people that don’t see this view everyday. And even on the darkest days I should be able to find something interesting worth photographing.

Plus, new camera soon!

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