Universe Building: Day 298

New Ship by Robert Chapman

I’m not sure if I fully realized this drawing like I had envisioned it in my head. There’s good news though, because I’m not done with it yet. I want to throw this sucker into Photoshop and see what I can come up with. I’ll likely try throwing that together for tomorrow’s post, while I prepare for my 300th.

I had some trouble finishing yesterday’s picture because I just wanted to stay in that science fiction universe. It’s unintentional that I’m about to compare myself to people like this, but I definitely understand how people like George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry built every single detail of their respective universes. It’s kind of a life-time obsession, it seems. I’m just doodling here, especially in comparison to the kings of science fiction, but I’m feeling a little bit of that. I want to expand my universe, and create characters, rules, and law.

I’m sure there have been millions of artists, writers, and all-around geeks that have thought about universe building, then shortly after moved right on to something else. I don’t have a proper source for this, but I’m always hearing about how people just love to start new projects with epic long-term goals, and after an average of about 3 months the whole thing falls apart. They likely get bored, or perhaps they get distracted. What if I spent my entire second Year of Creative Habits building a science fiction universe of my own? I’ve toyed around with the idea before, but never on this kind of scale.

Anyways, no idea what’s going to happen with this project in the future. I don’t like the idea of committing to something a few months before I can even get started on it, so I’ll hold off on it for now. It’s exciting to think about though! Hopefully I can piece together a decent plan for something like this, and follow through with it’s execution.


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  • eggy1187 .

    “It approaches. ..” sounds like something epic is about to happen. Can’t wait to see what it is.

    • Thanks for commenting, Eggy 🙂 Yeah, I’m going to try and recreate it in Photoshop tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes…

  • Brad Thornhill

    Go for it Robert! 🙂 I’d love to see a whole universe of your unique aliens, spaceships and dome cities 😀

    • Yeah, it would be pretty fantastic to get into something like that. I just feel that I have to plan it all out correctly though.