To Story or Not to Story? Day 305

AbstractTentacle by Robert Chapman

Well, this certainly went through some pretty major changes since yesterday. I thought everything looked a bit too separated from one another in the old version, so I wanted everything to feel more connected. I think I accomplished that, but to what end? I’m not sure what I’m going for here really, or how I want this to turn out. But I’m starting to edge back towards science fiction again. As soon as I made that little design on top of the sphere, I thought it looked like a city. Now I have this awesome idea of making the entire picture feel like futuristic city, but still hold onto this weird style of keeping everything pretty much formless.

I’m starting to think that maybe I do want to add some different colors to this. It’s looking a little plain with just the gold. Part of me wants to go completely rainbow and fill in sections of the “mazes” with various colors. Though, before I do that, perhaps I should do some more planning and maybe figure out a color scheme that works well together. That’s probably best. However, researching that requires work, so I may just attempt the full on rainbow and see what happens 😉

I have an interesting question to leave you with as I finish off this post, but first let me explain something; I’ve been playing a lot of Witcher 3 on PS4 over the past couple weeks, and one of my favorite aspects of the world is that it feels lived in. There’s battlefields strewn about with all of it’s carnage, weaponry, and war banners left behind by the departed. There’s a story there that you don’t actually get to see play out, you just see the aftermath. So, going back to real life now, do you think showing my in-progress work helps or hinders me? Do you think it’s more effective to show the entire story of a particular piece of artwork, or just show off the final version? Either way I’ll always show everything I’m working on, whether it’s finished, just a doodle, or even if I think it’s pretty terrible. But I’m curious if any of you think that showing uncompleted work could potentially drive people away because we all know first impressions are important? I’ve been reading some articles recently stating as such, and I disagree with the idea in general. I am trying to sell myself as an artist more so than an individual piece of artwork after all.

So, leave a comment if you like. I appreciate any and all feedback and criticism. Thanks! Take care.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I personally like seeing the various stages of art you are making and reading the ideas you put into it, even the small details. Looks great Robert 🙂

    • Thanks, man. Yeah, I know you appreciate seeing all the progress 🙂