Horizon Continued: Day 318

Horizon by Robert Chapman

For today’s work I worked a little bit on the winged creature, and then completely finished the female protagonist. Working on this project makes me realize how good I can be with the mixer brush in Photoshop. Sure, I’m trying to replicate a piece of artwork that already exists (from the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn) but I’m just using it as a rough guide so I keep everything in proportion. It’s kind of like coloring in a coloring book, except all you have is that black outline, and you’re filling it in how you see fit.

The character at the bottom turned out marvelously. I think after I’m finished with this Horizon fan art, it would be a fantastic idea to scour the Internet to try and find some human (or humanoid) characters to try and recreate. I’ve always feared the thought of drawing actual people, so it would be fun to go through some exercises to see if I could pull it off. Perhaps something like this is in order…

If I’m going to eventually be drawing some sort of android character(s) for my web comic (or whatever it’s going to be), so getting in some practice at drawing characters with arms, legs, and a head, would likely be the smart thing to do.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looking good Robert! 🙂 yes this should give ya Alot of practice for your Android space adventure idea