Horizon: Day 317

Horizon by Robert Chapman

Today I decided to just paint an already existing piece of artwork, but still add my own little touches as I go along. Here is the image I’m using as a guide. This video game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, was just announced last week for the Playstation 4. I thought it would be fun to go over every detail and paint it in my own way. You really get an appreciated for the attention to detail in these big budget artwork pieces when you’re zoomed in and looking at the original.

I have some big plans for what I’ll be drawing in the near future, but I’m not quite ready to tackle them quite yet. So for right now, I’m going to just mess around with some of this easier stuff while I figure things out. I consider this “easier” because this artwork already exists, I’m not creating it from scratch. I’m just able to appreciate it a lot more when I do my own rendition of it. I find the best way to learn new techniques is to take something that inspires you and try to recreate it in your own way.

I have some company over tonight and so I’m cutting this a bit short. I have a million more things that I could discuss, but I will save them for Monday’s post. Thanks for checking this out! If you could like, share, and comment, it helps out a great deal because that means more people see what I’m doing. My project is almost complete (as I’ve mentioned quite often as of late) and the more people that get to see my work means they might be interested in sticking around for whatever I do next!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I love these epic scale artworks that you do and seeing it slowly come to completeion bit by bit

    • Thanks, Brad. This one is a bit easier than the others because I’m just painting what I see in the photo. Getting a good feel for the metal, wires, and shading 🙂