Walker Thing: Day 327

NMS Walker by Robert Chapman

Happy Canada Day. I’m going to try and keep today’s post nice and short today, on account that it’s a holiday here in Canada! There are things to do! For today’s artwork I got started on something brand new. It’s a walker thing from the upcoming space exploration video game, No Man’s Sky.

There’s something very valuable that I’ve been slowly figuring out over the past few weeks with the various artwork I’ve been doing. I’ve always been so meticulous – not to mention very hard on myself – when it comes to particular details in an image. Everything has to be just perfect, and when it’s not I get discouraged and sometimes even scrap pieces entirely. With the Horizon artwork I did yesterday, and this one I’m working on today, I’m realizing it doesn’t matter. That’s the most beautiful part about creating artwork. You do it by your own rules.

With today’s picture, look at those legs. They don’t perfectly match. So what? It was built that way. Saying it (Well, writing it I guess) makes me kind of realize just how silly it is to have that finally sink in after worrying about it for so many years.

Of course, there are things that exist that have to be done perfectly and with exact precision (like a Human face, for example. Though, that even has exceptions I suppose). But I’m not going to attempt anything like that, I don’t think. I love drawing sci-fi robots and machinery.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Love the colours it all fits and feels menacing 🙂 but what do I know, it could be a good robot right? Lol

    • Nope! Well, depends on how you look at it. These sentinels kind of police the galaxy. Doing whatever they can to protect all the life within. You do something that could threaten that, you’ll get attacked.