First Person? Day 348

Sorta Death Star by Robert Chapman

Now I feel that the scene is starting to really come together. I’m starting to think that I should of tried to paint Pluto in the background there, but I’m not going to redraw it. Not to mention that in the Star Wars universe, it’s obviously not set in our galaxy. I just think it would of been a bit timely to throw Pluto in there, and I wish I would of thought of it earlier on today.

There’s still a whole bunch of small details I have left to do, and I’m assuming I’ll finish all of that up by tomorrow. Let’s see… I have to add more white windows to the sphere, as well as the dark ones. Maybe figure out a few more interesting ideas as well, because I’m feeling that it’s a little bland at the moment. I’ve toyed around with a few ideas over the past few days but I ended up going with the somewhat traditional looking Death Star.

Oh! I just got a really neat idea. I could zoom the camera out a little bit more and put in a first person cockpit view that surrounds the edges of the screen. Don’t hold me to this though, because I’m still working through the idea. But the viewpoint that we already have here looks a bit like what you would see if the enemy fighter ships were attacking you, the player.

What do you think? I’m seriously considering this now, and I’m pretty confident that I could pull off a really cool cockpit view.

Also, end note: Should I change the blue energy/orb to green? It should be green, no?


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I like the blue energy stuff personally or even if you just put a tad bit of green mixed with the blue somehow but it’s your thing, green might look better then blue just thinking of it being different from the traditional death star green 🙂 anyways this looks really really epic! I want to play in this universe 😀 also cockpit view would be cool like you are really there

    • Excellent comment, Brad! Thank you so much. I’m absolutely on board with what you’re saying. I think I will leave it blue then, however… adding a little green in there sounds fun! And yes, I think the cockpit view will not only add more work for me to do (which is a good thing! I don’t want to be finished with this) but I also think it will fit right in.