Mountains Completed: Day 354

Mountains Completed by Robert Chapman

These mountains certainly didn’t take all that long to finish, eh? I painted this in Photoshop in about 4 hours, if I were to toss out a guess. Not too shabby! This probably would of been something that took me more than a few days to finish maybe just a few months or so ago. Now, I’m whole heck of a lot more proficient when it comes to using the various tools, filters, and boy do I love that mixer brush. I’ve been using that brush for years now, but it’s just so good at blending colors together to achieve specific effects. It’s my go-to digital painting tool.

I still feel like this picture is missing some action. I wanted to get a huge planet up in the sky there, but it wasn’t looking right. I’m sure if I spent an afternoon working on it, I could get it to work. However, right now I wasn’t feeling it. So, for right now this is a more grounded painting, seemingly taking place right here on Earth. Depending on what I feel like doing tomorrow, I may try adding something else to this picture.

My friends and family think it’s a terrific idea to get a bunch of action shots of my niece, Emily, doing various things so I can try and paint her. She’s very excited to get started on it, and maybe I’ll try to find time to hang out with her tomorrow so we can get that started, at least. So, she’s going to be starring in some of my web comic-ish adventures… that’s going to be really awesome.

I hope other people can eventually appreciate just how awesome this is actually going to be. I think I mentioned this just yesterday, but imagine years down the road and her character is growing up as Emily does in real life because I’m drawing her all the time. I have no idea if this will turn out as awesome as I’m imagining it, but I think this is something I really need to do. This is important! 😀


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I have a feeling a nasty dragon alien creature thing is leaking in that cave lol love the mix of green and brown and orange colours reminds me of fall 🙂

    • Thanks! It does have a fall feel, eh? And yes, there is absolutely a creature in that cave.