Stormy Purple Planet: Day 358

Stormy Purple by Robert Chapman

This isn’t finished yet, but so far it’s looking pretty great. I think so, at least! I took the planet I made the day before yesterday (and used in yesterday’s image), and re-painted it in Photoshop with some new yellow storm clouds, and a completely new color scheme. There’s lots of new details, actually. I kind of went over the entire thing.

So, how many days remaining now?

*Does some complicated finger math* 

7 days! That’s pretty awesome. Just a week until I’ve done a full year of… I don’t think I really have to keep mentioning it, eh? I always have to assume that there might be new viewers/readers showing up from time to time, and I want them to know what this project is that I’ve been working on. However, at this point, you’re either new and you’re here for the artwork, or you’re a long time viewer/reader and you’ve heard me talk about this project for… well… a year! So let’s just assume you’re getting what you came here for at this point. When I get to my last couple days, then I’ll go a little wacko talking about everything.

Anyways, I got a whole lot of views and compliments on yesterday’s post, which is awesome! I didn’t get many website views or any comments on here specifically, but I posted the picture on the unofficial No Man’s Sky Facebook group, wondering if there were any other fans doing space related artwork. I got a whole bunch of really excited people talking about my digital painting. I really think this NMS related comic idea is going to hit at the perfect time.

I should really get the preliminary stuff done for my web comic though, so that I’ll have a few pages finished by the time the NMS game actually releases. I feel that I still have at least a few months before that happens though, so I’m doing alright as far as my timetable goes. I just don’t want to take too much time off after I finish these last 7 days, then I miss out on some huge news or something that gets people even more interested.

Business is hard, and not fun.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Only a week to go Robert! proud of you man!! thanks for having me on this trip 😀