Marble Captured: Day 357

Marble Captured by Robert Chapman

Well, I guess I found out what to do with that planet I made yesterday, eh? I’m definitely getting a comic book feeling from this image, and I think it would fit right at home on the front of my No Man’s Sky inspired web comic thingamajig that I’ll be working on very soon. Maybe this is how Emily is forced to leave her planet in the beginning. Sent away by her parents, Superman style. From then on she has to fend for herself with just her ship and her Databot companion!

Okay, so I have a bit of a dilemma (though, to be honest it’s not really a big deal because I know I’ll just work through it), where I have this “issue” when I make my artwork. Today’s work, for example, wasn’t completely planned out. I had the planet I made from yesterday, and I just began to feel my way through it. Once I got the stars done I knew I wanted something more, and I immediately thought about some colorful nebulae. I didn’t expect it to take shape and become seemingly omnipotent. I kind of felt my way through it and this is how it turned out. So my problem is that this isn’t how things should work when I’m writing a story for my characters. Right?

I mean, I can’t let my art dictate where my story goes. Or can I? I’m really not sure how to approach this. Of course I’ll start out with general ideas (like how I knew I wanted nebulae in the picture today), but eventually I’ll need to draw the same ships, the same planets, and the same characters over and over again, right? This is what I’m unsure of right now, and I’m not entirely sure how to proceed to fix this issue. Or if I even need to worry about it at all.

So, is this an issue? Should I maybe figure out a way to write out an entire detailed story (that doesn’t sound fun at all, but perhaps it’s necessary), or maybe just a few plot points that I’ll need to hit along the way? The story – and I’m not even sure if it’s going to be a proper story yet – will be heavily influenced by what I find in No Man’s Sky, but there’s not even a solid release date for that yet, so I may have to get started before I even get the game into my hands and can start exploring. Perhaps it’s best if I get started before the game launches so I can ride some of the game’s hype?

So many questions, but I feel that I have all the time in the world to figure it out. Just as long as I keep doing something every day. Thanks for stopping by! Any comments, concerns, or suggestions are appreciated. Let me know what you think about all (or any) of this in the comments below.



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