Star’s Offering: Day 359

Stars Offering by Robert Chapman

Hello! Today’s picture turned out pretty awesome, but really wacky. Although I’m finding new ways to use the layer styles, tools, and techniques in Photoshop more and more all the time, there’s quite a bit of experimentation when it comes to making a painting like this. I don’t necessarily start out with a set goal right from the start, but rather a few key elements that I want to try and hit. Today, I knew from the start that I wanted something colorful, and something a bit more physical than the one I made just the other day

I find that I’m spending more time drawing than usual the last week or so. It’s already 10PM and I’ve been drawing for at least 4 hours. It’s funny though, I’ve been listening to the same Matthew Good album on repeat this whole time, and I was in such a zone that I’ve barely noticed that it’s ran through in it’s entirety at least 3 times over now. Apparently, I was just caught up in making sure this picture was as great as it could possibly be. And when I thought I was finished with it, I went back and spent another 30 minutes putting some finishing touches on it. Then I knew to leave it alone after that. Don’t want to screw it up!

Maybe I’m spending more time – and creating higher quality artwork as a result – with my artwork lately because I know my Year of Creative Habits is pretty much over. There’s only 6 days remaining, and I want to make sure that I feel it’s been worth it in the end. This really has taken quite a lot of my time, even when I’m not actually doing the drawing parts. I spent hours a day sharing my work where I can, commenting on other artists work, writing, planning, and even occasionally drawing things that don’t even see the light of day on this website.

When artwork like today’s piece come together better than I had hoped it could, it reassures me that I’m doing the right thing. I built this artwork from nothing, and it now exists because of me. This is what I need to do with my life.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    This looks really trippy Robert I love it! 🙂 looks like something that could be out of the marvel Thor movie

    • Awesome! Glad you like it, Brad. I think this is one of my favorites so far. Hopefully I can make a few more before this is over.