Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 8/365

Day 8

Ever since I started this project, t’s been so difficult to find any real natural color in the world. It’s still bitter cold, and everything is dead. I bet when I look at 365 days worth of photos, all on a grid together, you’ll be able to see some patterns. It’ll start out with a whole lot of greyish colors, and then hopefully when spring properly hits we’ll start seeing – not only more blue skies – but some actual freakin’ color around here!

Today I was able to find some red rust hidden on the backside of this bench! I mean seriously, where else am I going to find anything red this time of year? Oh no, now I just thought of an interesting challenge. What if I challenged myself once in awhile (say once or twice a week. Weekends maybe?) to find a specific color?

Why am I trying to give myself even more work? 😛


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  • Brad Thornhill

    You’ll be searching all day for some reds lol the universe is seeing how much you can take 🙂

    • The universe is always trying to give me a hard time! I’m sure I have plenty of beautiful days ahead of me anyways 🙂