Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 9/365


I still can’t get over just how much I’m beginning to notice how devoid of color everything is out there this time of year. Even from high up on a 5th floor balcony it was difficult to spot anything really worth taking a picture of. The fact that lately I’ve been quite focused on finding color (and mostly failing) is interesting to me though.

That’s my building there behind those trees. Because of how cold it’s been, I’m still not travelling all that far from where I live. I’m sure further into the year I’ll look back at these slow days and be quite happy that they’re behind me. Of course, with the warmer weather comes rainy days as well! And of course I’ll have to find things to take pictures of on those days as well.

Maybe a new camera could take some sweet pictures of the rain though!

When I leave my place each day I hope to be presented with a nice blue sky. That way I could frame the picture so half of what’s in the frame is nice and blue. I think I’ve only had one day so far where that was possible, and that’s definitely my favorite picture out of the bunch so far! Maybe we’ll get a lot of snow tomorrow! That could be an interesting thing to work with too.

Come on, Universe! Just give me something interesting so I don’t have to work as hard 😉

EDIT: Also, make sure you’re checking out my Instagram because some of these pictures end up SO much better on there with a few artistic edits!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Winter is a bummer for colour, i can’t wait for the blossoming flowers and greenery

    • Indeed it is. At least I’m making up for it with my Instagram versions of all these picture 🙂