Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 21/365

Day 21

I really like today’s picture, but there are a few things that are bugging me a little bit; the grass in the bottom left, and the shadow in the bottom right (behind my cartoon weeblie!). I should have done a better job at that, but I honestly didn’t expect this particular photo to end up being the best of the bunch. There’s still too many interesting things about it to just toss it aside and pick another one.

Perhaps I could have just cropped that left side out of the picture, and then the grass would be gone (I already cropped a bunch out, actually!), and I’m not sure if there was really anything I could have done about that shadow. I’m guessing that’s the tablet I’m holding to take the picture. So, besides waiting until the sun literally was elsewhere, there wasn’t anything I could really do. Even if I went further away then I wouldn’t have this angle (which is what I was really going for), and the shot would be different.

Anyways, something for me to think about the next time I’m doing a picture like this!


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  • Robin Ponte

    Awesome! I didn’t notice the grass or shadow until you mentioned it lol love the different textures and the angle is perfect!!

    • That makes me happy, Robin, that you didn’t notice that lol glad you enjoyed this one! Thank you 🙂