Day 100 – Greatest Hits

This collection of my favorite images from the past 100 days was written to go along with my Patreon post. Here’s the link to it, just in case you ended up here first 🙂 Thanks for checking this out. Here’s to another 100 days of photos!


My favorite tree! There’s just something incredibly overwhelming about this tree. It’s about a block from where I live, and I’ve already used it as my photography subject at least twice this year.

Zigzag twigs. I still feel that some of my most pronounced photographs are of branches. Each tree is unique, and when I toss the shot into Photoshop and mess around, I always end up with something cool.

New camera. I’m at the point now where I’m very confident with it. I’m still figuring out new features and settings that I can use to my advantage, but I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on everything. Could never go back to using the integrated tablet camera I stared the year using.

Mixing art and photographs. I feel that after this year is completed, this is the type of stuff that I’ll get good at making. I’ll take photos, and make some (hopefully) interesting artwork with it.

Creepy school. I still have to go back there and take more shots! Something I’ve found out about myself this year is that I really love the creepy stuff. I’ve taken pictures of old buildings, alleyways, and dark hallways. I would love all my photos to get emotional reactions from people, but I don’t think they always do. Just sometimes 🙂

Berries! Spring is here, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Sometimes the rain is a bit annoying, but I’ve been making due. At least my fingers aren’t freezing up from the cold anymore while I try to work a camera.

This building! I should travel to more populated parts of the city and get some more photos like this one. I love tall buildings, and there are a few somewhat near me that I would love to walk to on a nice day, and get some interesting shots.

Day 97

This is completely opposed to the previous image above, as this one is super colorful. It was a relatively recent photo that I took of a flooded playground. Generally I think I like the muted photos better, but sometimes color just pops and those shots are cool too 🙂