Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 44/365

Day 44

Well that really didn’t take long, eh?

I’m still waiting for the battery to fully charge before I really dive in, but boy did this show up out of nowhere today. I wasn’t expecting delivery for a few more days. With all the maddening things going on in my life as of late, this is a nice distraction.

I figured this camera would be small, but I didn’t expect it to be quite as small as it actually is. It’s tiny! Easily fits in a pocket. yet it doesn’t have a cheap feel to it at all. Not that something small would necessarily mean something would be cheap. I just feel like I’m going to break the damn thing! I have no idea how people with big mitts would be able to handle this thing and make use of all the buttons and switches. I have little artist fingers though, so I think it’ll work out.

Upon first glance, I had no idea there was no cables to attach to the thing. I don’t even see ports for any type of cable for transferring data! After reading through the manual a bit, it seems you’re either supposed to transfer everything via Wi-Fi (makes sense), or … by tapping my smart device on the camera itself and then BOOM MAGIC. I guess… I’m feeling old.

Anyways, I thought today’s picture was fitting for a last photo with my tablet. It’s a bit grainy, and I had to do some serious Photoshopping to bring the blacks out a bit, but this tablet camera did in a pinch. It did it’s job, and if yesterday’s photo was any indication, it actually captured some decent moments. From here on out I expect I’ll be using the new camera though.

I’m sure, before tomorrow’s post goes up, I’ll be snapping lots of pictures. If you want to see those random shots and whatever else I make with those, make sure to follow me on Instagram, as well as Twitter. I post there often 🙂


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Glad you finally got a new camera robert 🙂 can’t wait to see your how much more vibrant your photos are now, they already look awesome

    • Well we’ll see what I can do with today’s photo! 🙂