Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 65/365

Day 65

So here’s an abandoned school I found…

I’m not trying to incriminate myself if for some unknown reason this actually happens over the next little while, but I would love to actually get in there and take pictures. I’m sure it’s even creepier on the inside! Alas, obviously that would be illegal and possibly dangerous.

It would be a lot of extra work for me, and I really don’t feel too confident that I could pull this off, but I would love to just find a whole lot of creepy and unsettling imagery in general to take pictures of. There’s just something incredibly interesting about getting particular emotions out of a simple image.

What do you think? I’m sure I’ll try to do that come October this year!


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  • Robin Ponte

    It does look creepy, I hobby this school every week and I’ve never seen it as creepy before lol no break and enters bob, I don’t think they’ll let you have your camera in jail lol

    • You hobby this school? Hmm.. and yeah I’m not going over the fence lol I can zoom with my camera 🙂 also, there’s someone in that window up there I swear

  • Robin Ponte

    Oops I go by lol oh I thought you meant trying to get pics of the inside lol

    • I didn’t say I would “try” lol but yes I would love to if it were possible! Like I said, safety and legal reasons lol

  • Brad Thornhill

    Is that the confederation street school? I use to live down the street from that school on brock street while i was at st.pat’s. Looks creepy as hell! ><

    • Hmm Confed. It might be? It’s down right near Vital Variety. Most likely the same school you’re talking about. It’s super creepy heh The pavement on the right side, just out of frame, looks so cool. All cracked and plants coming up everywhere. I think it’s pretty amazing. Definitely going to get more pictures sometime.