Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 12/365

Day 12

It’s often challenging to find a balance between trying to make a good photograph or piece of artwork, doing precisely what I want to do even if it’s not what you’re supposed to do, and making sure to not suck at it in the process.

Using today’s picture as an example; I thought it was cool seeing a lot of the vegetation around here frozen today. It’s been wet and rainy lately, and suddenly it’s a chilly day and everything freezes. I don’t feel that I fully captured that that’s what’s really happening here in the photo, but it is visible if you really look.

I’m also doing a better job at finding color (even when it’s subtle) like these burgundy leaves, and that little tiny bright green one in the middle. My edits in Photoshop also add more color to the image, like that blue/green glow at the top there from the little bit of sky coming through the trees in the background.

It’s not perfect, and there are things I’d like to change, but this project is a long one. Year of Creative Habits isn’t about having quality in everything you produce during those 365 days, it’s about quantity. After putting in the hours of work, quality or not, you’ll gain enough know-how to do a better job when you ‘really’ take your time and put ridiculous amounts of effort into it when it matters. When you can spend days and days and a hundred hours going back and forth on what colors work and don’t work in a single photo, and going out and maybe redoing photographs even. There’s always a chance that the next day will be brighter and more colorful.

I don’t expect to be a Photographer when all is said and done, but I’m sure that having some varied experience in different fields will help. Especially since I’m still using Photoshop and stuff every day on these photos. Also, I’ve pimped this out several times now, but check out my Instagram and I’m making all kinds of neat things out of these photos 🙂


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