Castle of Vania: Day 211

Painted Nintendo title screen

Going back and forth between the original 8-bit Castlevania title screen and my version of it, I’ve realized that I really should smooth everything out like I did with the game’s title and the border behind it. I think an upgraded version of it would fit best because it is meant to look like it was part of an HD remake. What do you think?

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before once or twice since I started drawing this, this painting is pretty huge. The version I upload here and share with you guys is a much smaller version than what I use as the original copy. When I upload this to RedBubble, or wherever, to print these on T-Shirts (I really want some myself!) I need to make sure they’re consistent and look nice and clean. Mixing the smooth with the pixelated is terrible idea and I’ll be working on this more tomorrow to get it cleaned up.

I’m also researching whether I can even legally do that! I mean, I would expect to get a cease and desist request from Nintendo before anything else. However, at the same time I don’t expect to be acknowledged in the slightest unless I’m making a huge amount of money off of these. Hell, once I get good at this I would love to do some mash-ups, which would be of my own design.

Alright, I planned on revealing the title screen I would be working on next right at the end here, however as I’m writing this I’m still unsure on which one I should do! Any ideas? Maybe I’ll post the original title screens tomorrow (if I remember to do so) just in case you’re not sure what they look like. So, here’s the list so far:

– Blaster Master

– Contra

– Crystalis

– Mega Man

– Startropics

– Super Mario Bros. 3

It’ll definitely be one of these that I try next, because I have screen captures all set to go. I’ve been playing the games using an NES emulator to make sure the title screens are as accurate as possible. Using Google image search has brought up results that I just can’t trust. The images all seemed pretty inconsistent.

There are a few more games that are not on my above list that immediately come to mind, but I’m not prepared to do those yet. Some examples being; The Guardian Legend, Final Fantasy, Blades of Steel, Dragon Warrior, Ninja Gaiden, Super C, Super Mario Bros. 2, and so many more that I would like to do. Assuming that all the games I mentioned actually have title screens. I’m pretty positive they do, but you never know.



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  • Brad Thornhill

    Super mario 3 is the only game on that original list that I have actually played so I’m say do that one next 🙂 but you’ll get around to them all eventually so excited to see whatever one you do next!