Full Blog Transparency: Day 217

NES StarTropics fan art by Robert Chapman

This picture is coming along really nicely! I also got a fantastic idea, though I’m not sure if I can fully realize the idea properly. I want to take some in-game NES screen shots and paint those up. I have no idea if they’ll end up looking okay, but it would be fun. Here’s the idea┬áproper;┬ástart painting a screen and for the first day or so, once I post it, it might not be fully apparent what game it’s from. After a few days though it would click for some people, I’m sure. Like I mentioned, I may not be able to realize this fully because on the first day there might be some obvious features (like from Zelda or Mario, for instance) that a gamer of any age would recognize. After I’m done with this StarTropics one, I’ll jump right into another and see how it goes.

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