Inspirational Level Design: Day 220

Blaster Master fan art by Robert Chapman

Oh wow, after spending hours working on this in Photoshop, all zoomed in painting each pixel individually, when I see it like this all zoomed out it really looks fantastic! Even though I’m not creating my own unique creatures, painted scenery, or crazy abstract things, I think what I’ve been working on for the past couple weeks has got me more excited than anything. Starting with that Castlevania title screen I did, and now this Blaster Master in-game picture, I’ve never been more excited to get back to my drawing each day.

I’ve mentioned it in blog posts one or two times before I think, but playing Nintendo was a very important part of my childhood. When I think back to specific moments in my life, like where I was living, what school I was going to, what grade I was in, or what friends I was hanging out with, they all get tied into which Nintendo games I was playing at the time.

Where my parents always viewed my gaming habits as a complete waste of time, I look back and see how they inspired me to be a much more creative individual. So, taking some time here to recreate some of the most memorable title screens, stages, and characters is something I’m enjoying immensely. I’m finding that I spend more time sitting down and drawing than I have previously.

I’ve played these levels hundreds of times before, but I’ve never really taken a good look at them like I am now. By zooming in and paying attention to each and every pixel, noticing the patterns, examining the repeating color palette, I have a whole new appreciation for the original artists attention to detail. It’s quite beautiful, I’m finding.

Alright. So, as far as graphics, colors, and level design goes, sound off in the comments and let me know what are some of your favorites? Old or new, whatever. Super Mario? Final Fantasy? Hell, Grand Theft Auto? All three of those are some of my favorite choices for graphical fidelity, level design, etc.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    It’s looking Great so far Robert! 🙂 growing up I was more of a snes kid then got into PlayStation so some of my favourite games whether for characters, Graphics etc are games like chrono trigger for snes and the legacy of kain series and god of War series for PlayStation also the batman arkham games 🙂

    • Fantastic choices. If I go further, and I know you wouldn’t disagree with any of these, I would also mention Donkey Kong Country for SNES, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Playstation for overall artistic qualities 🙂