Dreaming of a Webcomic: Day 222

Blaster Master fan art by Robert Chapman

Welcome to the first ever 222nd post for my first Year of Creative Habits. I wonder if I’ll ever reach 222nd days on my second year, or even the year after that. I certainly plan on continuing this for as long as I can, and I have no reason to think I would ever quit, but we all know that things change eventually. I would love to have a list of years on the top of my website; year 1, year 2, year 3, etc. Each with 365 posts with artwork attached for each of those days.

Three years really isn’t all that long. A few years can fly by just like that, so I really think I can pull that off. Hell, I’m in the middle of my third year living in this basement apartment! It helps to imagine that if I started this project, this website, back when I first moved in, I would already be working on my third Year of Creative Habits. Keeping that in mind, I believe I can continue doing this for a long time.

Sometimes I think it might all come down to whether I can turn this into something I can continue doing, and still make a living for myself. For the last few days I’ve talked about Patreon, and today I’m not really going to mention it, well, I just did… but anyways, using services like that will hopefully help me keep this moving forward. I can’t say, today at least, that I’m super confident that I will be able to pull everything off. Maybe it’s just something that will come in time, a year or two down the road.

The good news though, is that I can continue doing this all day, every day, potentially for ever, no matter what my financial situation is. It’s just about whether I’ll lose motivation at some point down the line and decide to drop the artist thing in exchange for some regular person employment. As time goes on though, I’ll definitely need to change the format of how I create. For my second year I could be taking photographs and digitally painting them, for my third year I could be writing stories that go along with my artwork…

That reminds me, I had this weird dream that I think would make for an insane webcomic. This is totally wacky, and I’m sorry if this makes me come off as a loon. So, the main character is this teenager kid with an eye patch. Remember, it was a dream, so I honestly can’t explain some of the details. So, the kid is extremely unlucky, but in reality he just feels that way. Even when good things happen to him, he seems to find a way to look at the negative side of things. Oh, also, and this is important to the plot, the more good things that happen to him, the more connected he becomes to the spirit realm. So, in essence…

“Hmm, what’s this?”

*Picks a quarter up off the ground*

“Damn, still .25 cents shy of buying that thing I want. Gawd, my life is terrible.”

*Starts hearing voices in his head*

“Go away ghost! I don’t want to talk to you today.”


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  • Brad Thornhill

    You should definitely make that story reality dude! 🙂 sounds very unique and I’m curious on how he got the eye patch, I love me some mystery lol Anyways your drawing looks awesome! I see it’s nearly complete

    • Hey! Thanks, Brad. Yeah it’s a really weird story, so at least I’m guaranteed that it hasn’t really been done before.

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