Webcomic – My Life is Weird: Day 224

First page of a web comic by Robert Chapman

Alright, so I’m not finished with the Blaster Master digital painting that I’ve been working on lately, but I’m going to try my best to stick to a new type of schedule. A schedule that I’m not quite prepared to share in full, as there isn’t anything concrete that’s worth sharing yet. I’m going to try following what I have written down so far for awhile and see how it goes.

So then, with today being Friday, I have in my notes that I should try starting (or working on) a long term project. Yes, I could of just continued working on the Blaster Master picture, but I’ll save that for another day. I think it’s time for a nice change of pace.

So, what is this picture about anyways? It’s sorta kinda the start of a webcomic. It isn’t a proper start though, because on Patreon my top goal is to legitimately get going on a webcomic series. So, this is a bit of a test run of sorts. I’m not going to be creating a flowing story, deep characters, or even trying to really explain anything that’s going on (yet). I’m just trying to figure out some different graphic styles, layouts, and what I’m able and not able to do visually.

That all being said and put out there and all that, this webcomic panel here is from that dream I had the other day. Teenage kid, eye patch, has a voice in his head that talks back to him…

So yeah, there’s that. This is likely something I would use as a very first page. The kid’s walking home just as the sun is going down, thinking to himself about how strange his day was. Which of course the reader has completely missed because we’re seemingly right at the end of an adventure.

Anyways! Enough talk about that. The other thing I want to do every Friday is participate in the Instagram and Twitter hashtag #FridayReads where people talk about what books they are reading and things like that. So, every Friday I’ll discuss what I’m reading, pick out a book if I’m not reading anything, or anything that’s related to reading.

So, for this Friday, I picked out (and downloaded) “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation”

I plan to get reading it later on tonight, so if it’s really good maybe I’ll mention it in a post or two before next Friday. We’ll see… so, what books are you reading? or maybe you don’t have time, so what books would you like to read if you did? Thanks for hanging out. Have a great weekend!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I’ve been anxious to see you dabble in your Web comic ideas 🙂 anyways I don’t read much but I have sparked an interest to read perhaps some of the canon star wars novels that are or will be coming out soon leading into episode 7 in December 🙂 also speaking of star wars there is a biography type book called how star wars conquered the universe which I heard is insightful. Well keep up the good work Robert!

    • Excellent. Thanks for the comment, Brad. I might be interested in checking out that Star Wars biography sometime.