Colorful Chameleon Update: Day 231

Painted Chameleon by Robert Chapman

Seeing as it’s a Friday, which means that it’s a day where I can work on any in-progress art project, I was originally going to work on that web comic picture I had started a few days or so ago, the one with the sky view of the house. Instead of working on that project, I decided to continue with the colorful Chameleon. I’m really in love with this project because it’s just so damn colorful.

Working on this chameleon really reminds of that phoenix picture I made months ago. The one with the hundreds of little dots I did by hand. I mean, this project is being made a bit differently because I have a photo of an actual chameleon that I’m trying to represent as best as I can, where with the Phoenix one was just drawing a whole bunch of dots and not really having much of an overall direction.

Friday is also a day where I’d like to get more reading done. I started a book last Friday and after reading it for a couple days, it somehow removed itself from my tablet. So, today I loaded it back on and I think I found where I left off. I’ll read more later on when I have time.

I’m just not much of a reader and I can’t really put my finger on why exactly. I’ve read a few decent novels, and I went through the awesome audio book for Ready Player One a couple summers ago (narrated by Wil Wheaton!). I just find that after an hour or so, if the book doesn’t grab me in a specific way, my mind wanders and I find there are a million other things I would rather be doing.

That all being said, I do find it a little easier to read biographies rather than fiction. I do love a good make-believe story, but I think every fictional novel has slow or uninteresting parts and that’s where I always get away from it.

So, I’ll finish this post with a related question, as I did last week. What do you prefer, non-fiction or fiction? I read a whole bunch of articles online every day, so I definitely prefer non-fiction when I read. But at the same time I do love well written television shows and have a general interest in anything sci-fi. What about you?


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