Using SEO Tools: Day 243


Painted Chameleon by Robert Chapman

I assumed that I was going to put a couple more hours into this guy today and get it all finished up, but that’s not at all what happened. I put an hour in, then took a break as I had some other things that needed to get done. I went right back at it after that and put another hour or so in, probably closer to two hours. Then Photoshop crashed on me. Which has only happened maybe once before in the past year or two. So I lost maybe 20 minutes of progress since I last saved. Lame!

So, I’m not going back and doing all of that over again today. I will save that work for tomorrow, which I’m going to assume should be when this guy gets all finished up. I can already see some spots that I want to touch up and edit, not to mention I obviously have to add the tail. That branch seriously needs some more detail too.

Recently I’ve been going back and adding proper titles to all of my previous posts. Considering that there’s over a couple hundred of them, that took quite awhile to finish. Now, I’m moving onto setting up some proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques as the next step. This way, people will be able to use Google to find my posts and artwork easier.

I’m using a specific SEO tool for WordPress simply called WordPress SEO, and it really does all the hard work for you. At the end of each article I write, I get to input some simple data, keywords, and summaries of what my article is about and how it will display on a search result webpage. I should of been paying a bit more attention to this when I started out, however, in the long run it’s been a positive experience. From here on out everything should be in order and probably optimized.

No matter whether this proves useful or not by bringing me fans from across the Internets, it’s been quite an interesting process to learn about all of this SEO stuff. Of course, I used a little bit of SEO back when I had my previous web page a few years ago, but I did all of that stuff manually. It’s hard to tell whether that really helped bring in organic visitors or not, but I do remember occasionally having some decent page view spikes from time to time when particular topics were more popular.

So, all-in-all, if you’re a WordPress user and want help bringing more visitors to your page, I would definitely say give SEO tools a try. Considering that it’s only been a day or two since I’ve figured it out and started using it properly, I don’t have any results to talk about yet. I’ve also only gone through the previous 40 or so posts and SEO-ified them, so there still sits 200 posts that I have yet to work on. Well, 201 after this post, I guess…


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  • Brad Thornhill

    you are a photoshop wizard Robert it’s beyond amazing it’s simply epic! 😀