Axiom Verge is The Best: Day 245

Axiom Verge fan art drawn by Robert Chapman

Happy Friday, peoples. Since I finished that chameleon yesterday, and that was all digital, I decided to start a new project on real paper! That’s right, pencils, pens, and an eraser (as you can see). My absolutely favorite game to play right now is Axiom Verge on Playstation 4. This game – and I’ve talked about this on here before – is a retro 8-bit/16-bit inspired side-scrolling adventure game. So, because I love it so gosh darn much, I decided to draw one of the alien characters, Elsenova.

So, Axiom Verge was created over 5 years by one man, Thomas Happ. Everything in the game, the audio, the graphics, the level design, the programming, and the writing, was made by just him. This is an insanely inspirational story and I hope he gets a million+ people to buy it. I feel he really deserves it for all the hard work and love he poured into the game, not to mention he’s clearly one of the most talented game developers out there. Right now it’s solely available on PS4, but it’s coming to PS Vita and PC eventually too.

I was originally going to write about how the art design is what draws me to the game the most, but then you have the Metroid-esque collecting and exploration mechanics, and the music too. So there are clearly a lot of reasons why this is my favorite game right now, and probably will be for awhile. I’ve had more fun playing this than anything on PS4 so far, that’s for sure. But let’s go back to the art design, just for a minute; I’m just noticing now, while I was looking through my Axiom Verge screenshots for something to draw, that all of these giant alien head characters have hardly any color. The world feels very dead. You begin to bring a little life back to this world as you go along through your adventure, but even then, all these sentient beings are very white and they feel very old because of the lack of color.

Okay, I’m going to leave this here, because I want to get back to my drawing while I’m still excited and in the mood to draw it! It’s still going to take awhile to finish because I plan to go crazy with the black ink on the background. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!


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