Bubble City Complete: Day 271

BubbleCity by Robert Chapman

Now this is what I’m talking about, I’m so happy with how this Bubble City is turning out. I mean, I’m completely finished with this picture, but I want to get started on a new one right away. Yesterday’s picture had a more sunny day-time beach feel to it, where I was originally trying to go for an alien planet feel. So for my next one I think I’m going to attempt an actual Earth beach look.

I think this is how I want to do my web comic. I really believe that I could tell a good story with this type of art style. I love how colorful it is, and how there really isn’t anything that I can find that stands out too much; There’s plenty to look at, a whole lot of story in just this picture, and everything feels like it belongs in this universe.

So, again, tomorrow I’m going to attempt an Earth-like beach scene done in the exact same way as today’s picture. It should be fun, and I can think of a lot of fun ideas for some beach creatures and items. Sand castles, tiny plastic shovels, and bright red crabs…


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Looks awesome Robert! 🙂