Sunny Beach: Day 272

Sunny Beach by Robert Chapman

This is one of the first pictures I’ve done (at least in a very long time) that has elicited some kind of emotional response from me. I mean, when it comes to looking at other artist’s work, I often have an emotional reaction, but from my own work though? Hardly ever. Today though – as soon as I added the sun in there – I really got a sunny beach vibe. You know, the sounds of nature, hot sand, cool breeze, sun burns…

My emotional reaction is no doubt due in part to the beautifully warm weather we’re having today. The sun is shining through my sliding glass door, and my fan is blowing cool air on my bare feet. If it’s possible – especially if other people have similar reactions to my artwork – I would love to stay focused on creating as much artwork as I possibly can that elicits emotional responses. I hope that’s something I can achieve at some point in my lifetime.

I’ve never really been someone that loves the beach. I love the outdoors, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t enjoy swimming all that much, and I get sun burnt very easily. I do end up on a beach every summer though, and I’m usually just wandering around, enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds. Last summer though, I sat down and did my daily drawing on the beach and before I knew it hours had passed. When I look at my feet right now, almost a year later, I still see the outline of my sandals. So yeah, that was a nasty sun burn. I would like to avoid that in the future, or just be smarter with where I apply my sun-screen.


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  • eggy1187 .

    That was a nasty burn you had, however you did turn out an awesome spider like creature that day. Pretty sure that was the drawing anyways. This drawing aswell is really nice…wishing that beach was right here by my balcony.

    • Indeed it was a spiderlike creature that day! Hopefully I can be more careful this year and not get burned. Thanks for commenting, Eggy 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    I’m glad the warmer weather is here! This drawing just puts it’s official stamp on it even though it’s still spring 🙂

    • Yeah, it was a little too hot for me today. Hopefully we get some actual spring weather soon! Felt like summer today.