Books Books Books: Day 281

Library Wizard by Robert Chapman

That was a whole lot of books I just did there, and I still have so many more to go! However, I have very high hopes that all those hours making books will pay off in the end. I mean, just look at the back shelf there, I think it’s shaping up really nicely. The books have zero detail on them right now though, but I hope to add symbols, numbers, and letters to each of them. Or maybe just a bunch of tiny squiggles.

Those books were taking a long time to do, so I tried copying and pasting a section of them. It looks alright, but – for me at least – it’s a bit noticeable that the third row is the same as the second row. I mostly just altered the colors. I think I’ll leave that row, but for the rest I believe that I’ll have to do each book individually. When I remind myself that the final version of this picture will look better if I do each book individually, then that options becomes the obvious one. I really just need to spread out what I’m working on so I don’t get bored. I’ll do a row of books, then work on another part of the picture, then go back to the books again.

There are so many minor errors that I’m noticing right now, as I’m writing. The wizard’s book is way too dark, for one. Also – and maybe I’m giving myself too much work – I believe there should be a light source. I’m not sure if I have enough wall there on the left, but there should be a torch or something. What do you think? Any ideas on what I could add (or take away) from this picture? I’m quite happy with where it’s headed, so far.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    To be a great wizard you have to read Alot of great books! 🙂