Giving Up: Day 282

The Library by Robert Chapman

I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked as I’ve been in full on stressed out mode for most of the day. And what do you know, there it goes again! My Internet hasn’t been working hardly at all the last few days. Off and on, off and on. I’ve written about it on here before. It just went off again, and I’m hoping I can save this post and get it done whenever it decides to come back on.

I felt like giving up on this creative habits project today because of all the stress. And besides, if I can’t post my content online and share it with the world, then why bother? Who’s going to keep me accountable?

One of my goals on Patreon is to upgrade my Internet to something more reliable. I already have it all figured out, I just need to work even harder to find a way to bring in some income. I was hoping Patreon was the answer, but either I’m just not good at selling myself, my artwork isn’t nearly good enough, or maybe I’m just not reaching the right kind of people.

Then I got thinking that maybe I should just cancel my Internet service and find a way to do things differently. I mean, I’m fully committed to using the Internet to get noticed. Maybe sell some of my work online. Get some financial support through Patreon. Maybe I can find another way to create my artwork and get noticed locally. Hell, my work would certainly stand out a lot more! I mean, on the Internet you’re basically up against every single artist on the planet.

I don’t know, I’m absolutely sure that anything I feel right now is surely not really how I feel on a normal day. I’m just angry. Frustrated. I’ll feel differently once things get figured out and settled down. I really should take the time to really think about whether I should make a big change though. Giving up my home Internet is a massive change though!

I’m so close to finishing my year…

EDIT: 10:00PM, as of this moment my Internet is finally back on. I tried to post this hours ago 😛


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Yeah that must be extremely frustrating Robert sorry you gotta go through that on a daily basis :/ you’ll be done your year of creative habits in august eh? Maybe after that you can change things up or whenever, hope you figure something out dude 🙂

    • Yeah, it was quite frustrating. Today’s been a lot brighter though 🙂 Yeah, I would definitely like to upgrade by the end of this year. Thanks for taking the time to write, Brad.