Behind the Scenes: Day 286

Photoshop Behind the Scenes

If I’m so worried about people getting bored seeing that I’m working on the same picture day in and day out, I figure it’s up to me to try and keep things interesting. So, today I decided to give a bit of a sneak peek (It’s sounds a lot cooler than it probably really is when I say “sneak peek”) at what I’m actually doing in Photoshop. Or at least what my setup looks like. I try to do a couple of these insider preview posts per week over on my Patreon page for subscribers. Today I’m going to share one as my daily blog post.

I’ve really only begun working on this picture today, maybe 25 minutes ago. I’ll continue working on it for another hour or two, but I wanted to get something posted. This way, I can stay focused on what I’m drawing, and not worry about wanting to add enough features so the picture actually looks different than yesterday. Also, with my Internet going on and off lately (it was off for about 6 hours this morning) I don’t have to stress about getting something posted today.

Alright. So right now I’m working on going over every book I’ve done so far and chopping off a bit of the top. I think they looked way too round at the top. Very un-book like. and I hope to finish a couple more rows of books in the middle shelf. I’d also like to add some “text” or designs of some sort to the front of the books I finish today.

Really, it won’t look all that different from yesterday’s version of the drawing. That’s why I elected to try something different today. It’s all necessary work, but it’s just not all that interesting really! I don’t think it would be anyways.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Oooo the inner working! Peeling back that onion so to speak lol I like seeing your behind the scenes stuff 🙂

    • Great! I wonder if other people care about seeing this type of behind the scenes stuff? Thanks for the comment.