Lost Progress: Day 301

Sprite Ship by Robert Chapman

This isn’t the ship I was working on last time! Yeah, well somehow that other red ship went missing. Not quite sure how I worked on something for hours, saved web versions of the ship to upload to my website, and never once saved an original? Was I that distracted or something on day 299? I dunno. No matter! I’m not fretting in the least, because look at the new ship I’m making!

I’m still carving bits away and adding pieces to this space ship, but so far it’s looking pretty……radical. I love the colorfulness of it! I hope I can keep this up and make the entire picture just as colorful. I expect I’ll draw a planet in the back, and some stars, you know, that whole thing. It could all change by the time I actually get to making those features, but I want to try as hard as I possibly can to keep it all relatively looking the same.

Well, this “bar of soap” shaped spaceship (say that three times fast) isn’t exactly how I want it to look when it’s finished. For now though, it fits pretty well. I named it a “Sprite Ship”, because I imagine it being super small, but there’s millions of them. A swarm, if you will. So maybe having them blocky and nanobot-esque isn’t such a bad idea. A swarm of tiny blocky red nanobots looks kind of awesome in my mind’s eye, actually.  might also try to make them shine a bit by the time I’m done.

Alright! So that’s it for today. A nice brief and straight to the point post. Perfect for the day right after a huge 300th post, eh? Take care! Thanks for checking this out. I may work on this some more tonight, but we’ll see what comes up. I love when I’m excited to get back to working on a particular picture.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I can just imagine your confused face at the sudden disappearance of the other ship “wh…where did it go….!?!?” this ship looks great though 🙂

    • It was pretty disappointing to lose progress. Hopefully I can avoid doing that in the future.