Sprite Ship Complete: Day 302

Sprite Ship by Robert Chapman

Technically I could still add a whole bunch of minor details before I call this one completed, but I’ve been inspired to move on and do something else. That’s not to say this doesn’t look pretty badass, actually. I feel that the entire picture meshes well, and nothing stands out too much. I was afraid that adding a big ‘ol planet in the background there would detract from the ships. However, I feel it fits perfectly.

I actually painted that planet from scratch. I thought that if I added too many Photoshop effects to that planet then it would indeed pop out too much from the rest of the image. So to get started on it, I just went ahead and went crazy with the Mixer Brush tool. Setting up different colored layers, then merging them all together when I was done.

So, I went out among the crowds downtown today to visit the annual Art Walk. I had a nice chat with a fellow artist named Bret Toth. You can check out his artwork on his Facebook fanpage (and you should). He does some really cool paintings that are very colorful, and often sci-fi related with his planets and space. That’s right up my alley, and certainly caught my eye when I was walking past.

Could I ever have a booth down there with my artwork? Maybe. For Bret, he paints his canvas and sells it locally in coffee shops or art events. My stuff, however, would require professional printing and then would need to be mailed to me. My first thought is that there’s an extra cost for me if I do it that way, but I think I’d actually be mistaken; Painters also have a cost with their materials, where my digital paintings are obviously material free. Actually, I feel it would likely be more cost efficient for me because I can spend money printing out just my favorites, or whichever ones I think might sell. Where they likely have a whole lot of failed paintings, and pieces that might never sell. My failed artwork just sits in a folder on my hard-drive. Not costing me anything more than the time it took to make it.

I’m really unsure whether there’s an advantage to either way of doing things. A big one for me though, is that I can experiment and I don’t have to stress out about wasting my materials. Basically wasting money. Just to try something new that I feel might have a high percent chance of not even turning out. That all being said, I definitely have an interest in changing things up someday and trying my hand at more physical artwork. I mean, obviously I do drawings with pencil and pens all the time, but I’m talking about buying some serious materials, and learning a whole new style. That’s going to take a lot of money, and a lot of commitment.

That’s about it from me today. Go check out Bret’s Instagram to see a whole bunch of his artwork. He uses spray-paint and a specific kind of sharpie markers that apparently work really good on canvas over top of his spray-paint. I don’t think I would ever be interested in using spray-paint, but those markers… I would love to get a huge canvas and just go nuts.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Awesome glad you had a good time at the art walk 🙂 love the ships! are they fighting ships?

    • Yeah, Brad. I assume they’d be fighting ships. Maybe even completely AI controlled. That’s kind of what I was thinking anyways.