Final Fantasy VII: Day 312

Final Fantasy 7 pattern by Robert Chapman

Okay, so today I was trying to figure out what else I would like to draw today. I still wanted to take something familiar and apply my own pattern-like design over top of it. I decided to choose an iconic shot from the 1997 Playstation game Final Fantasy VII. It’s certainly not my favorite game in the long running series, but I don’t think it’s too far off. It would certainly fit in my top 5, I’m sure. However, it most definitely is – by a long shot – the most famous Final Fantasy. Not to mention that it was revealed just yesterday that the game is being completely remade for a new generation of RPG fans. Seems fitting that I use this as my subject for my next bit of artwork.

So I decided to go ahead and do a little recreation of my own today, to celebrate the occasion, I guess. It may not look familiar at the moment, but by tomorrow I’m sure some familiar shapes will begin to show. I may even have this finished by tomorrow, as I’ve become more adept at building shapes in the original pictures by using certain patterns and using few colors overall. Anyways, I’ve only done a few of these, but they keep looking better and better.

Next, I would love to do something similar to what I’ve been doing with these abstract patterns, but perhaps use only diagonal lines, or maybe simply use perfectly aligned dots, or something else entirely. I would love to see how those would turn out! Perhaps they will prove to be terrible ideas in the end? Who knows? Only by actually trying it (and completing it! No giving up half way through) will we know for sure.


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