FFVII Continued: Day 313

Final Fantasy 7 pattern by Robert Chapman

Now we’re making some progress, eh? I think my favorite piece of this so far is the guard part of the hilt because it has a really nice shape, in comparison to the rest of the sword. I can possibly do better with the blade, but for now I think everything looks really good. It’s going to stay the way it is until I get further along with the character himself, and the industrial city in the background.

Today’s been a very boring/lazy day. Time feels like it’s slowing down and nothing interesting is happening. It’s been like that for the past week or so. Usually some new and interesting opportunities reveal themselves every so often, but now it feels like it’s been awhile. Once I finish with this FFVII pattern artwork, I should go back to drawing my own characters and scenes. I mean, I really only have a couple months before this project is finished and I would really like to have a solid plan for whatever my next project is.

Perhaps instead of waiting around for something interesting to happen, this time I should once again try to be a bit more proactive. I really should start posting more than a single post per day via social media. Even though I have done that in the past and felt that I didn’t really notice much more traffic or interactions (like sharing and commenting) than usual. Now though, I have a lot more artwork to share. So maybe some of that will garner me some attention. Who knows? I still feel really weird about it, as I don’t usually want any attention. In the case of trying to become a successful artist though, I feel I need to attract as much attention as I can. I’ll never be completely comfortable with that though!

Despite the fact that lately it’s felt like time has slowed to a crawl, I’ve figured out a few things I could do by writing out my thoughts in this post. I really could spend even more time socializing with Twitter and Facebook than I do already. I’m just not too sure if I have anything worth saying. “Look! Here’s some artwork I did awhile back. Isn’t it cool?” No, not really. How the heck do people do this? I see artists of all kinds showing off their work like it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen. “Go buy it now before it’s gone!” Yeah, maybe I’m not cut out for that.


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  • Maryann Levesque

    i think im gonna like this one bob. its interesting. love all your art work. sorry i dont comment all the time but sometimes i feel i just say the same things over and over again. e.g. i love it or great job bob lol

    • Thanks for the comment. All you need to do is talk about the picture or what’s written. Give your opinion, it’s always welcome 🙂 positive suggestions are good too.

  • Brad Thornhill

    This drawing makes me want to buy a ps4 just to play the remake even though I know it is a ways off yet. Anyways looking good! Looks very rustic and harsh 🙂

    • Do it! We could play Diablo together. In all seriousness though, the FF7 “remaster” thing is coming this year. Just an HD thing. Maybe some other extras. The full on remake, turns out, is going to have gameplay changes and story changes etc. Kinda disappointed in that, but hell… It’ll probably still be great. That version is years off, I’m sure