Purple Pants: Day 314

Final Fantasy 7 pattern by Robert Chapman

When I’m working meticulously – all zoomed in – I start thinking that maybe this project isn’t going to turn out so good. I keep working anyways, a little bit at a time. Steady as she goes. Then comes time to save my work and prepare it for posting. When I look at it in it’s default size at the top of this post, I realize just how perfect it is. This is turning out better than I had even hoped it would. The little lights on the city, the lighter bits at the top, and even those purple pants, they all look pretty great.

Even though this is an iconic image right from the video game, I’m taking lots of liberties with the details. Especially in the city there. I changed the positioning a bit and when you look the original you’ll notice quite a bit of changes. First of all, the original image is really tiny. I went ahead and added a bunch of extra to the edges of the image to fill it out a bit. So far it’s looking good!

I don’t think I’ll leave that background burgundy colored. The only reason I’ve kept it that color so far with my updates, is because It’s the only color that doesn’t blend in with what I’ve drawn so far. Besides those right red lights in the city, there’s nothing remotely red. Perhaps a little bit of Cloud’s pants blend a tiny bit, but it’s not a big deal. As for what the background will look like when I’m done, I haven’t thought about it much yet. Perhaps when the entire image is finished, burgundy will be the only color that fits.


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