No Man’s Sky Walker Complete: Day 331

NMS Walker by Robert Chapman

This is definitely one of my personal favorites that I’ve done so far. Since I’ve started creating artwork every day about a year ago, I decided it was a good idea to put all of my daily artwork into various descriptive categories. When I started this No Man’s Sky sentinel picture, I placed it under the “Photoshop” and “Scene” category. However, I have a “Character” category and I’m starting to think that I should go back and select that as well. I feel this machine has some personality to it. Er… him, I mean.

I said I was going to give him a buddy in the picture, and I did. Sort of. It just didn’t make sense to have the other one directly in the picture because I wanted the focus to be on this lonely sentinel. However, I thought it might be a fun idea to have one way off in the distance, and they are likely trying to find a way to get to each other. It’s a bit sad, actually.

I wish No Man’s Sky was out already. I mean, I want the game to be released in it’s full and completed state (rather than early and buggy), but damn am I impatiently anxious for this one! I think I would be a bit crushed if the release date was announced to be sometime in 2016. I can’t get any more hyped up for this game, and I don’t want that to start to wane. I want to be excited when the game launches, I’m just not sure exactly when that is going to be.

Anyone else out there excited for this game?


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  • Wow man, this is completely amazing. Can’t believe that detail, great job.

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment. I like this picture quite a bit, and no one else noticed it lol I’m not too happy with the grass, and I still haven’t figured out a really great way to do grass like this yet.